My name is Santosh Kumar

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My name is Santosh Kumar
I would like to share about my testimony. I born in Hindu family my mother and father used to work in Hindu temple.

Used to worship Lord Shiva who has three eyes and the Hindu religious books tells that he is the creator.

My father used to clean the temple everyday after that we used to go to forest to bring some firewood and he sell for money that's, how my family lived.

Whenever my father and mother working in the temple I also used to go and help them the people were coming to the temple they bring milk and some animals as offering.
I saw and asked my father why they are giving a animal sacrifice then my father reply to me, it is to wash their sin.
I asked my father how can the animals blood wash their sin? He never replied me back.
The question makes him to think a lot, how to be delivered from sin.
At that time one pastor came to my village and started distributing tracks and telling about Jesus.

In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God's grace. (Ephesians 1:7).
It was written on the track that whenever my father  read the track the Bible verses touched my father's heart.
Made him to know more about Jesus
the pastor presented him the Bible and my father started reading the Bible and known the truth, that Jesus is the Saviour.

All my family got saved and stop worshipping idols and got saved became a testimony to Jesus in the village.

As my father and mother serving the Lord by telling the village by village about Jesus at that time I did not changed completely still the worldly things as taken place in my heart and I started doing friendship with some wrong people started taking alcohol and smoking enjoying myself. Came out of the house.

But my mother and father did not stop praying for me.

I started doing business in the starting days it gave a good profit my friends circle got increased.
I used to spend all my profit to drink alcohol and smoking and spending time along with my friends but one day my business was collapsed
At that time no one came to me to comfort and give encouragement
I decided to commit suicide but fortunately that night  I attended to a meeting.
A young man is preaching the Gospel and he said how he got saved and delivered from the bad habits.
That really  touched  my heart and I realized of what I did. 
I accepted Jesus as my personal savior and I left all my bad habits that night. I felt a heavy burden taken away from my head.
I went back to my parents with fear but they accepted me with much love

I decided myself to work for the Lord that time
I got married
God has given me a wonderful wife(Shekena Glory). She encourages and support me in ministry. 

Still now we have  started and running three churches given baptisms to 95 people.
Please pray for my ministry and for my family
I have a two daughters and one son.
Please pray for the church construction and for my travel in reaching people, to preach the gospel.