I am pastor Prasad

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I would like to share my testimony with you

I am pastor Prasad working for the Lord from last 15 years.
My father is a pastor and raised me with a good question values.

From my childhood we suffered a lot financially but God provided everything what we need to do his work.
From my childhood God has blessed me with Good parents 

I also used to go along with them to preach the Gospel and to do Street Gospel meetings in deep tribal villages

many times me and my father is was beaten by the village people not to preach the gospel.
But we never stop working for the Lord, we used to tell the people Jesus is the true Saviour

the places where we are doing our ministry it is the midst of the people who worship trees and rocks and  give  human sacrifice.

Some people blindly giving blood offering of their children to rocks and trees

one time I went to a village to preach the gospel at the same time in front of my eyes the village people cut off small child head.
That scared me to death.

I am back to my house and I have asked God  to change the people's behavior and the mind sets.
I prayed and prayed
started doing my ministry in that village first time they refused to hear but later on they started hearing about our God.

Today we have a 40 believers in the village and I am still working to recharge more people in the village.

please keep praying for my ministry and I would like to plant churches in other villages at present I have a two churches in different villages thank you so much for your prayers.

Your brother in christ
Pastor Prasad