I am Peter

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I would like to share about my testimony
In my childhood my mother and father died in a fire accident.
My age is 7 years at that time I lost my mother and father and became a orphan
there is no one to take care of me
one pastor came to do ministry in the village.
I am begging in streets, then the pastor asked me who I am?
I said I lost my parents and became a orphan. Cried out loudly.
He hugged me, share the love of Christ, he raised me as his blood son with the Christian values.
He teach me how to read and write.
He always tells me working for the Lord is a great opportunity. I keep on hearing this from him so that makes me to work for the Lord.

When I came to young age he did marriage for me.
Few years after my marriage I loosed my spiritual father also.
Me and my wife started working for the Lord in new villages.
There is no churches we used to do outside meetings.

At the time some people came and beat me to death.
But God change their heart and now they became a believers of our church.
God has blessed our ministry.

now I have 4 churches I baptised nearly 250 people
my son is also in ministry
all praise be to God
please remember us in your prayers.
As all my church believers work as a field workers they used to offer rice and vegetables.
We are surviving
God is not letting us to be hungry
he is feeding us with day-to-day manna.
need prayers to reach more souls.